2 Brand New 2FS Tracks FREE Download

The 2nd Floor Samurais proudly present 2 brand new tracks for your enjoyment. They are available for FREE download.

The first song Samurai Original was produced by veteran Bay Area artist Mister Cleen and references one of our clothing sponsors which uses the identical name. The Asiatic sample and Kensho’s 4 bar switching of languages truly gives this the samurai feel.

2FS is rocking the Samurai Original attire here. Orukusaki is wearing the “Samurai Sublimation” shirt and Kensho is wearing the “Samurai Basketball” shirt. If you’re an original soul with an ancient Japanese mentality, you now know where to get your modern day garments.

The second track 2nd Floor Soldier was produced by our long time comrade Seneca; this artist has been rocking with the Samurais since the early 2000’s and it has been an honor to see him evolve. We take a no-nonsense militant stance on this banger.. socially conscious English and Japanese listeners, this ones for you.

Special thanks to D-Wiz at Drum Dealership for handling the mixes.

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