We Nod Records- Japan Pre-Orders

9月24日にデビューアルバム “将軍物語” が東京の We Nod Record より発売されます。現在予約中です。サポートお願いします。 We Nodさん、今回もお世話になります! We Nod Records in Tokyo has served as the epicenter of independent Hip Hop in Japan since the early 2000’s; they have always gone out of their way to have my back, and my journey in music wouldn’t rightfully be completed until I get them back.

If you have any Hip Hop friends in Japan, please kindly tell them that the 2nd Floor Samurai debut album “Shogun Stories” will be available 09/24 through We Nod Records. We are currently accepting pre-orders for the Japan release!! The album will eventually be distributed nationally like the Kensho Kuma solo albums, but for now We Nod is the only outlet which will have the release available..

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