Unlearn the World- “How to make a Rap Song” Video

Our comrade Unlearn the World recently dropped the “How to make a Rap Song” video. He will be celebrating the release of his new mixtape “the New Golden Era” on August 28st @Return of the Cypher.

 This emcee/ educator/ All Tribes Zulu Nation member has ascended through the MC ranks at an astonishing rate.. I remember posing for a pic with Unlearn at the “1st Annual Samurai Sunday” back in May 2015, and thinking he was a raw talent that had started making regular appearances at our weekly R.O.T.C. event. Fast forward a year and some change, Unlearn has rightfully become one of the Bay Area’s, if not the West Coast’s,  premier lyrical talents. The dude has thoroughly rocked local venues at a workaholic rate, garnered a noticeable amount of accolades, and has been trusted to become one of our regular guest hosts at Return of the Cypher.

An official 2FS x Unlearn track is yet to exist, I have a feeling the collab will occur when the stars align..

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