2nd Floor Samurais @Tourettes Without Regrets


Naked people. Sword Swallowers. Midget lesbians. More naked people. Lesbian midgets on tricycles juggling flames. Dirty haikus. Bondage gear. Contortionists. L. Ron Hubbard’s grandson. More naked people. Arrows. Lesbians with arrows and ball gags. Freestyle rap battles. Pregnant ladies with sparklers.

Alright, even with my extensive lifetime of writing rhymes, I cannot possibly write an accurate depiction of Oakland’s “Fight Club of Underground Art.” The English language, nor the human senses, are able to fully process the performances which occur at Tourettes Without Regrets. I saw a woman shoot an arrow with her feet, three barely dressed couples drench themselves in fruit, and a legitimate rap battle last time I went.

2FS is happy to announce that we will be performing at Tourettes Without Regrets on August 4th, 2016.

Tourettes 1

Tourettes 2


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